Ceramic Wall hanging - Abraham, Isaac and the Ram in the Bush

Ceramic Wall hanging – Abraham, Isaac and the Ram in the Bush


This lovely wall hanging depicts the well-known Bible story of Abraham offering Isaac and finding the ram in the bush. Together with our other designs it can be lovely as wall décor in your child’s room. Feel free to check them out in our kids’ corner. All these wall hangings can also be used to decorate your school or Sunday school classroom and serve as a visual tool during teachings about this story. What makes this tile so special is that it is made by Armenians in Jerusalem.

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Armenian art and pottery is extremely popular and well known in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. It 1919 the British mandate invited an Armenian family to renovate the ceramic tiles of the Dome of the Rock. Although they never finished the project it established Armenian pottery in Jerusalem. Since then the Armenians have renovated all the street signs and introduced various items, such as vases, plates, wall hangings and many more. Their pottery is of extremely high quality and well sought after.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 cm


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