Kufiya - Pure Black

Kufiya – Pure Black


The symbolic “Kufiya” garment is more important today than ever. Traditionally worn over the head or shoulders by Arab and Palestinian farmers, the last century has seen a revival of the Kufiya as it became synonymous with the quest for Palestinian freedom and independence.

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This traditional arabic scarf or headdress was adopted by freedom fighters in the 1930’s Arab Revolt. The Kufiya became the uniform of Palestinian rebels, in their resistance against the occupation of the British Empire. In continued solidarity with Palestinian heritage and independence from Israeli occupation, the Kufiya is significant. It ascended into a powerful symbol of Palestinian struggle and freedom.

Today the Palestinian Kufiya, famous for its black & white pattern, is worn across the world by those standing in solidarity with Palestine. It is very popular in the US, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, and of course the Middle East. It has become a meaningful fashion item worn by political activists, musicians, artists, and designers around the world.

Keeping tradition alive, the Hirbawi Kufiya is now the only kufiya still being actively produced in Palestine. ⁠Yasser Hirbawi opened his historic factory in 1961.⁠ Each Kufiya headdress is handmade using a specific cross-stitching technique developed over decades. Only a handful of people still know these time-honoured techniques that are honed over many generations.

The kufiya Is traditionally woven on two layers, the “base”, and the “pattern” or “flower”. The looms must be monitored constantly. The threads between the patterns are cut manually while the machine is running. After the roll of Kufiyas is woven by our machines, they are sewn into individual Kufiyas and the iconic tassels are added.

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