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The idea behind this store is to simulate the experience of a Palestinian Bazaar. As anyone who has visited the Middle East knows, shopping is never just about transactions and exchanges. It’s about relationships. Our hope is that you would get to know the Artisans behind these beautiful items.  The Star Bazaar is a connecting point. A place where relationships are formed between you and the Christians in Bethlehem and the rest of the Holy Land.

The main relationship we intend to form is between you and Bethlehem Bible College. 100% of the profits we make go to funding its various faculties, initiatives, and scholarships. In so doing we are supporting its threefold mission to: build God’s Church around the world, provide a Palestinian Evangelical perspective, and develop the local community.

Aside from that, we hope all of this can be a means by which to share the neglected story of Palestinian Christians.

About Bethlehem Bible College

Visit Bethlehem Bible College official website to learn more about its story, mission, values, and programs.

Our Team

Anita Venter – Gift Shop Manager

Rasha Abu Rumman – Gift Shop Assistant

Wajdi Zoughbi – Technical Officer

BBC Communications Team – Design and Advertising

Volunteers – A vast amount of volunteers from around the world have lived in Bethlehem to support the college, some of which have helped us greatly at the Gift Shop. Special thanks goes to:

  • Byron Rempel-Burkholder
  • Beverley Timgren
  • Fadi Michel
Many books from Palestinian Theologians

We proudly sell the writings of some of Palestine’s most respected Evangelical Theologians.

Our vast array of Christmas items, all made in the very town where the King of Kings was born.

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