A well-known phrase says, “The early bird catches the worm”.


During this time of the year, fleeting thoughts of Christmas and gift-giving ideas occasionally pop up in our minds. Yet we often ignore these thoughts and before we know it, we lost many amazing opportunities to collect Christmas gifts in time putting our Christmas budget under immense pressure.


Once again, we are here to help you “catch the worm”. Browse through our online store to see our many products, which would be great gifts. With each purchase of $50, you will get one of these very popular hand-painted ceramic Christmas tree decorations free. As there is still time you can collect as many as you like over the next few months.


Your purchase will help boost our scholarship fund. In addition, it will support a young artisan whose only income comes from her artwork. She has a tiny workshop but puts all her love into making the most beautiful ceramic products. From the proceeds, she helps with supporting her parents in a much-needed way covering medical bills.


Get the Christmas spirit rising in your heart with gifts from the Birthplace of Jesus!


Please note:

  • The $50 qualifier excludes the cost of books, already reduced items, and the cost of shipping. 

  • The free item will be automatically added to your order. Dimensions of the ball are approximately 4.3cm wide x 5.5cm including the hole for the ribbon. 

  • The promotion is valid from 15 July 2023 till 31 December 2023. To shop you can start browsing the menus above.