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Dearest Friends,

Coffee consumption during the Coronavirus has increased by as much as 13%! You must be tired of looking at the same boring coasters every day. Don’t you think it’s time to add some new pizzazz to your dining or coffee table? Here’s your opportunity to make that change for yourself and for your friends!

Like everywhere else in the world, the Coronavirus has hit us hard here in the Holy Land. In Bethlehem, our mainstream of income is dependent on tourism, which has dropped to virtually nothing, resulting in a whopping 60% unemployment rate.

You can have one of these stunning authentic olive wood coasters from the Holy Land absolutely free. All you need to do is to purchase from this Star Bazaar online Gift Shop. Each purchase of $50* qualifies you for one of these coasters as a gift for showing your support. This promotion will be valid for three months only. This gives you time to collect a whole set of coasters.

Your purchase will make a much-needed difference in the lives of those most affected by this pandemic, and support the on-going mission of Bethlehem Bible College!

*The $50 qualifier excludes the cost of books, already reduced items, and shipping.