Why do we need love in our life? A very basic answer is that love assures us that we are not alone in the world. That people who care for us are there, especially when life gets tough.

During this terrible pandemic, love is undoubtedly much needed as humanity suffers from the side effects of Covid-19.

“Agape” is one of several Greek words for love. When the Bible uses the term “agape,” it refers to pure, willful, self-sacrificing love that intentionally desires another’s highest good.

God’s love is the main reason for creation. Therefore God’s love compelled God to give his only son for humanity to have eternal life. Jesus walked this earth setting the perfect example of how to walk in love. He bound up broken hearts and comforted those who mourn. He looked out for the widows, orphans and the poor. Also, he stood up for the oppressed, fed the multitudes, healed all those who were sick and encouraged Godly living.

As Christians, we strive to focus on this highest form of love. Uniting with Jesus is uniting with his love story, with his Paschal Mystery: His passion, death and resurrection.

This Agape love binds us together in unity and harmony to live a beautiful and peaceful life. Consequently we look for and work toward the common good for all in our communities.

To cope with tough times, it is helpful receiving a small token of love from someone special in your life. As expression of our gratitude, appreciation and love we would like to give you one of these key rings for free with each purchase of $35* from this Star Bazaar online Gift Shop.

Furthermore we will have this offer available for three months allowing you some time to even collect a few more of these key rings. In this way you also have the opportunity to gift them to special people in your life as a reminder of your all-embracing love.

Most important, your purchase will make a much needed difference in the lives of those seriously affected by this pandemic and support the ongoing mission of Bethlehem Bible College!

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Note: Dimensions of the Olive Wood Heart: width 3.5cm, hight 3.5cm and thickness 1.5cm. The amount of free key rings will be automatically added with your purchase.