Biblical Paintings on Olive Wood

Zaki Baboun’s work always seems to catch the attention of passersby. His oil on olive wood style, with its lush, and colorful brush strokes brings a new dimension to the Biblical stories we’ve heard so much as children. His connection with Bethlehem Bible College goes even further than the art pieces he sells in this store.  Any visitor to the campus will find his paintings gracing the walls of the Guest Dining Hall and decorating the shelves of the staff and faculty. As a Palestinian citizen living in Beit Jala, a suburb of Bethlehem, Zaki does not have access to the oil paints he needs for his work. Volunteers at the Bible College often smuggle him supplies from Jerusalem. Despite the difficulties he still produces a steady output of beautiful gift items. You can see the depths of his heart as he uses his God-given talents to express both the historical Bethlehem, but also what it entails to live here today. Zaki loves to take requests for custom paintings. If you have anything specific in mind send us an email through the contact us link below.