Masterfully carving intricate olive wood pieces since 1973, Nabeel is a meticulous perfectionist and deep admirer of his own craft.  His small family business is located in Beit Jala, across a small valley from Bethlehem, where he works from his shop. His son, Daoud, a graduate of Bethlehem Bible College, is also following in the steps of his father. They run the business together and produce the highest quality olive wood boxes, jars, and miscellaneous gift items. Due to the ongoing socio-political situation in Palestine and Israel there are fewer tourists and Nabeel finds it difficult to sell his work through souvenir shops. BBC is honored to display Nabeel’s ornate carvings alongside his brother, Zaki’s paintings. The Baboun family exemplifies the sweet spirit of those dedicated to using their talents and skills to serve and bless the  community.