Dove Bookends

Dove Bookends


Simple and beautiful O-Live Wood bookends suitable for any shelf or table top. Includes the optional rail (“H” shaped object) for keeping the bookends in line and holding up books for display.

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This extremely popular item is made by the O-Live Wood Project, an initiative of the Christian Charity Love Into Action, which aims to make a difference to families affected by disability in the Palestinian Territories. Part of their work includes providing support and employment to adults with special needs by crafting attractive olive wood items.

As it says on their website:

Within the Palestinian Territories there is no financial support for anyone who does not have a job nor is there any support or advice for those seeking to find a job.  The Olive Wood Project supports these men in their employment enabling them not only to earn an income for themselves, but also to learn many life skills to support them in all aspects of their lives.

The workshop is based in the heart of Bethlehem and provides meaningful employment for adults in the Bethlehem area who because of their disability need that extra help, support and training to both learn a craft and to keep a job.

Consider supporting The Olive Wood Project and Bethlehem Bible College in a practical way by purchasing this handmade and original olive wood product. Doing so helps Love Into Action continue providing quality training, support and employment for these individuals.

Additional information

Weight .58 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 9 × 11.5 cm


The Bethlehem Bible College Gift Shop wants to improve God’s kingdom in Bethlehem by supporting the local Christian community through:


Partnering with local craftsmen, artisans, and non-profit organizations.


Sharing their stories with other Christians around the world.


Giving all our proceeds to provide scholarships at Bethlehem Bible College.


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