Rainbow Potpourri or candle Holder

Rainbow Potpourri or candle Holder


This lovely potpourri holder is hand painted by a Palestinian lady. She has her own tiny workshop in the heart of Bethlehem. Furthermore she takes great joy in designing her own patterns. Therefore this is a unique addition to our ceramic collection and a beautiful gift for someone you love.
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Potpourri is a very innovative way to keep your home smelling fresh.
This versatile ceramic holder is originally designed to hold a candle. However, we found that using it as a potpourri holder works very well. You can simply buy dried potpourri in a home retail store, or you could make it yourself.

Combine one cup of dried rose petals, one half cup of dried lavender, and one quarter cup of dried rosemary. Add one eighth teaspoon of ground cloves and cinnamon, plus dried rosebuds and orange peels. The add a few drops of rose or lavender oil. One quarter teaspoon of fixative like crushed orris root is advisable, but can be left out if you don’t have.

How do you keep potpourri smelling fresh?
Use Vodka to help keep scents longer. Vodka is known to dissolve out any other fragrance for you to smell. Remove dust from your potpourri if you want to keep it smelling fresh- put the potpourri in a sealable bag, then make holes on the side and shake.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 cm


The Bethlehem Bible College Gift Shop wants to improve God’s kingdom in Bethlehem by supporting the local Christian community through:


Partnering with local craftsmen, artisans, and non-profit organizations.


Sharing their stories with other Christians around the world.


Giving all our proceeds to provide scholarships at Bethlehem Bible College.


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