Tabgha Communion Goblet/Chalice (S)

Tabgha Communion Goblet/Chalice (S)


This Chalice is unique as it is handcrafted in the West Bank in the distinctive Tabgha style. Tabgha-ceramics are painted to resemble the Byzantine mosaics of the loaves and fish that Jesus multiplied in the gospels stories.

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Tabgha is the name of a Palestinian village that was situated on the north-western shore of the Sea of Galilee. The area is traditionally accepted as the place where Jesus performed his miracle multiplying the loaves and fish.

However, in 1948 just before the Israeli-Arab War, the village was destroyed and the Palestinian residents were expelled in “Operation Broom.” Currently the modern ‘Church of Multiplication’ encloses excavations of a former Byzantine church. The ‘Church of Multiplication’ also includes the famous mosaics of the loaves and fish. Sadly, in the summer of 2015 the church was burnt down by Jewish extremists. These lovely Tabgha dishes serve as a constant reminder of Jesus’ miracle. Also the mosaics of the loaves and fish are an emblem of solidarity for persecuted Christians in the Middle East.

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