Felt Dove

Felt Dove


A biblical symbol of the Holy Spirit and universal symbol of peace, this handmade dove is a perfect reminder of the gift that is given to us through Jesus Christ: peace on earth and goodwill towards all people. [egg id=”2″ pulse]

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l’Arche is a multinational organization with a network of homes and programs for serving people with intellectual disabilities. It was founded in 1964 when Jean Vanier, a catholic Priest, hosted two men with disabilities in his own home. Now, l’Arche has grown to have 147 communities in 35 countries around the world. The Bethlehem community is the first of its kind in Bethlehem. l’Arche hopes to expand throughout the West Bank to serve where there is great need. The Bethlehem community, known locally as Ma’an lil-Hayat (Together for Life), has become renowned for its effective work. Their genuine compassion for these often neglected members of society is highly admirable.

Ma’an lil-Hayat is the first and only wool-felting project in Palestine. Its products are made from the wool of sheep raised right here in Bethlehem.

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