Nativity with Separation Wall (L)

Nativity with Separation Wall (L)


This unique nativity set is hand-carved by Bethlehem artisans using locally-sourced olive wood. In a special twist that acknowledges the contemporary reality of Bethlehem residents, it includes a separation wall much like the one that currently cuts through Palestinian-Christian land to the North and West of the city.

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Like most nativity scenes, this one brings together the gospel accounts of Jesus’ birth with all the important characters. These are Jesus, Mary, Joseph, a few adorable animals, the local shepherds, as well as the three wise men. However, separated by a 28 foot concrete barrier unfortunately the wise men are blocked from seeing their Lord and savior. In this set, this wall is depicted with a removable wall.

This nativity set holds a special place in the hearts of Bethlehem Bible College faculty, students, and staff. The wall that goes around Bethlehem (to the North and West) causes a significant amount of day-to-day suffering for Palestinian Christians. Our college is located just two blocks away from it. The wall in this set reminds us of the barriers that still need to be overcome in sharing the good news of God’s peace. Also it helps share the story of the current socio-political realities in Bethlehem.

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