The Other Side of the Wall - by Munther Isaac

The Other Side of the Wall – by Munther Isaac


In this remarkable book, Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac takes us behind the wall and offers us a glimpse into things that are generally kept from view. He tells a story that is as compelling as it is heart wrenching, a story that every Christian needs to understand to grasp one seemingly endless conflict in the Middle East

(Gary M Burge, Calvin Theological Seminary, author of Whose Land? Whose Promise?) Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac is a Palestinian Christian Pastor and theologian. He now pastors the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem. He is also the academic dean of Bethlehem Bible College, and is the director of the highly acclaimed and influential Christ at the Checkpoint conferences.

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From the back cover:

A passionate cri de coeur from a Palestinian theologian addressed to the worldwide church (Colin Chapman, author of Whose Promised Land?)

A clear, passionate, honest rendering of the ignored and distorted narrative of Palestinian Christians (Mark Labberton, Fuller Seminary)

A heart-rending cry for truth and justice on behalf of the Palestinian church (Vinoth Ramachandra)

A voice that must be heard (Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership)

and many more …


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