Dove Tea Light Holder

Dove Tea Light Holder


Shine the light of a candle through the outline of a dove with this unique, laser-carved tea light candle holder made in Bethlehem. You can read more about this item in the description below.

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Very few symbols could encompass the complete message of the Old and New Testaments as well as the dove. In the Torah the Dove is used in offerings to the Lord. In the story of Noah’s Ark the Dove represents hope. The name “Jonah” means “Dove” in Hebrew. In the Gospels, the Dove represents the Holy Spirit. All in all, the dove succinctly conveys the hope, peace, and loving power of God’s active presence in our lives. These small candle holders intend to convey that message. Also the olive tree is seen as a symbol of peace. Consequently this tea light is made from the wood of a branch of an authentic local olive tree.  Each purchase supports the Palestinian Christian craftsmen who made them and proceeds go to Bethlehem Bible College.

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Dimensions 5.75 × 5.75 × 6 cm


The Bethlehem Bible College Gift Shop wants to improve God’s kingdom in Bethlehem by supporting the local Christian community through:


Partnering with local craftsmen, artisans, and non-profit organizations.


Sharing their stories with other Christians around the world.


Giving all our proceeds to provide scholarships at Bethlehem Bible College.


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