Silver earrings - Christian Fish

Silver earrings – Christian Fish


This beautiful pendant is part of a beautiful sterling silver collection designed by Janette Al-Ama. Her handcrafted jewelry draws on Scripture as well as the history and biodiversity of the Holy Land. This pendant comes with the chain included. Also check out the earring section for the matching Fish earrings.

You have likely seen the “Jesus Fish” or simply just the “Fish” on vehicles as a decal or bumper sticker, maybe even with the Greek letters “ΙΧΘΥΣ” meaning Ichthus.
We usually recognize this symbol as a Christian emblem but where did it come from? What is the true meaning of the “Fish” symbol?

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How Did the ‘Jesus Fish’ or just the ‘Fish’ Become a Symbol of Christianity?
Matthew 4:19: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

The first appearances of the Christian fish symbol dates to the 2nd century in Christian art and literature.

The fish symbol held the most sacred significance. Christians utilized it to identify churches and believers during a period of persecution in the Roman Empire. Initially used as a secret the fish symbolized the mission of the group it represented and did so simply and effectively.

The letters of the Greek word Ichthus’ Symbolic Meaning is ‘Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior’.
This statement affirmed the belief of early Christians in the twofold nature of Jesus Christ being both fully human and fully divine.

The heavenly Ichthus, then, was Jesus Christ, and we are the smaller fishes, born in the waters of baptism, as Tertullian says, caught in the net of salvation, and thus made members of the heavenly kingdom.”

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