Pocket Cross (S)

Pocket Cross (S)


This mini version of the handheld prayer cross fits smoothly into the hand as an aid for prayer, is made from locally sourced olive wood, and is crafted by Christian artisans in the Bethlehem area.

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Due to the nature of olive wood and the individual processes the product may differ slightly from the picture posted.

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This amazing cross is made by a Palestinian Christian using locally grown Olive Wood. It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand in order for you to be able to hold on the cross during prayers or keep it in your pocket. As a result it becomes a comfortable reminder to “hold fast to the faith we profess” (Hebrews 4:14).

Early Christians were persecuted by the Romans. Consequently they were unable to outwardly display their faith. Therefore they would hide these crosses in their garments as a constant comfort and reminder in times of trial and difficulty.

The cross is the ultimate symbol of Christian faith and so communicates the sacrificial love of God. The cross Jesus died on was an instrument of torture used by the Romans occupying the first-century Holy Land. According to Romans 5:8, Jesus’ death and resurrection made it possible for us to receive forgiveness of our sins and reconciliation with God. The cross is thus transformed into a symbol of life and love.

Meet the man who makes these crosses


We recommend 4 Practical Ways that you can use this pocket cross.

One of them is a Technology Sabbath. Use your pocket cross to replace your smartphone one day per week and rest from the stress of our digital lifestyles. One of our students has been doing it now for several weeks. Please click on the blue link above to hear his testimony.

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Dimensions 5.8 × 3.8 × 1.2 cm


The Bethlehem Bible College Gift Shop wants to improve God’s kingdom in Bethlehem by supporting the local Christian community through:


Partnering with local craftsmen, artisans, and non-profit organizations.


Sharing their stories with other Christians around the world.


Giving all our proceeds to provide scholarships at Bethlehem Bible College.


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