Spoken Arabic for Foreigners, Level I

Spoken Arabic for Foreigners, Level I


This is a one of a kind books that provides a clear systematic methodology on teaching foreigners the spoken dialect of Arabic. (See additional information below)

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This book is user friendly to those students who do not read Arabic script. Dr. Halloun utilizes a system of transcription using Latin characters and symbols to write the words for students to read.

This is a great technique for those who do not have time to learn to read and write or are not interested in the literary Arabic. Instead this method allows anyone to start learning to speak Arabic whether they know how to read Arabic script or not.

Moreover, the students learn the grammar of the spoken dialect in the context of real-life situations and how to express themselves in a variety of contexts.  Once a student finishes this book he/she will be able to speak Arabic with confidence in numerous fields in work and daily life.  Overall, Dr. Halloun’s book has help thousands of foreigners learn the spoken Arabic dialect with minimal difficulty. It also contains the same texts in Arabic script at the back of the book as well as an English to Arabic dictionary specifically for the book texts.

The book contains short conversations of various topics, real-life stories and situations, verb conjugations, and fill-in the blanks to build on what was learned in each lesson.


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