Hand-Blown Glass Orb Ornament (Green)

Hand-Blown Glass Orb Ornament (Green)


This sturdy hand-blown and hand-decorated glass ornament is produced at the small family-owned Hebron glass factory to fit the traditional look and style of old glass ornament.


Unlike generic ball ornaments, our glass ball ornaments attest to the individuality and uniqueness of the artisans, and the wide variety of ways in which the miracle of Christmas is lived out in our lives. Each of these orbs was blown by hand in a glass factory in Hebron, just 40 minutes south of Bethlehem. Artisans who work at the glass furnace have spent their entire lives perfecting the craft. They have inherited the tradition of glass blowing from their forefathers. As a result, these ornaments are made in much the same way older Christmas Tree ornaments were made; before mass production and conveyor belts.

They can be hung directly onto the tree, but we recommend tying ribbon to the loop and hanging it more securely.

BE ADVISED: There might be variations in design from one ornament to another. The color of the glass will be as you choose, but the actual painting on its surface might have slight variations.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


The Bethlehem Bible College Gift Shop wants to improve God’s kingdom in Bethlehem by supporting the local Christian community through:


Partnering with local craftsmen, artisans, and non-profit organizations.


Sharing their stories with other Christians around the world.


Giving all our proceeds to provide scholarships at Bethlehem Bible College.


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