Felt Holy Family Nativity set

Felt Holy Family Nativity set


The nativity scene is a powerful visual reminder of God’s immense love for humanity. It depicts the moment when God, in His divine wisdom, chose to become part of human history by being born as a man.
This very lovely set is made from the wool of the sheep in and around Bethlehem. It will be a very special addition to your Christmas decorations as Christ was born in Bethlehem.
Due to the nature of the felt and wood, availability of material and individual processes the product colour it may slightly differ from the picture posted. Also the sizes given are an average. The item you receive might be a little smaller or bigger etc.
For the approximate size of the tallest item and extra information of this product, please click on “description and additional information” below.

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The item is made by the wellknown L’Arche community in Bethlehem. Locally they are known as Ma’an lil-Hayat (Together for Life). It is a Bethlehem-based ministry serving the needs of people with developmental disabilities and celebrating their unique value and contribution

Jean Vanier, a catholic Priest, founded L’Arche in 1964 when he hosted two men with disabilities in his own home. Consequenlty L’Arche is a multinational organization with a network of homes and programs for serving people with intellectual disabilities.
This organization has now grown to have 147 communities in 35 countries around the world. One of these communities in in Bethlehem.

It is the first of its kind in the Holy Land. Moreover they have become renowned for their effective work and genuine compassion for these often neglected members of society. Therefore L’Arche hopes to expand throughout the West Bank to serve where there is great need.
Ma’an lil-Hayat is the first and only wool-felting project in Palestine. Its products are made from the wool of sheep raised right here in Bethlehem.

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Weight 0.480 kg
Dimensions 10.5 cm

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