Extra Large Musical Nativity Set

ONXLF-858-1.jpg (2)Extra Large Musical Nativity Set

Extra Large Musical Nativity Set


Celebrate the Christmas story with this massive nativity set hand-carved by Bethlehem artisans, using locally-sourced olive wood. The set comes with a music box that, by spinning the star, plays a classic Christmas carol.

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This musical nativity is one of our largest and most popular Christmas items, sure to delight to children and all who are captivated by the timeless appeal of music boxes. The large star is a handle which winds up the music chimes, to play the beloved carol “Silent Night.” The set is in a modern style, with faceless figures and round edges. Like most nativity scenes, this one brings together the gospel accounts of Jesus? birth in Luke 2 and Matthew 2. The visitors to the Christ Child in Bethlehem included local shepherds as well as pagan astrologers from far away in the east—showing that Jesus’ coming was truly for all people!

Note: Due to the nature of olive wood and the individuality of the artisans and their processes, the product may differ slightly from the picture posted.



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Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 39 x 29 x 49 cm


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