Ceramic Soap Dish - Square

Ceramic Soap Dish – Square


This lovely soap dish comes with a bar of pure olive oil soap. Both the dish and the soap are made in Bethlehem.

This item is made by Faten Nayroukh, a Palestinian lady who has her own workshop. She specializes in functional, decorative and high quality handmade pottery. 
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These lovely soap dishes are made by Faten Nayroukh. She is a lady who owns a tiny workshop. She specializes in high quality handmade pottery.

The pottery products owe an allegiance to Palestinian history however in a modern style. The images on her work are derived from the Palestinian environment which is known to be rich in flora and fauna. She focuses mostly on the species which are related to the Palestinian heritage and culture such as olives, wheat and anemone. Faten uses several techniques such as hand building, throwing on the wheel or molds. Her products are made from clay using strong colors and nontoxic glazes.
The soap dish comes with a bar of pure olive oil soap.

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Weight 0.355 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 1.5 cm


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